Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who says Rondeaus can't be sexy?

His Mouth

My husband has the mouth that haunts.
To satisfy my body's wants,
I need to feel his lips on mine,
our thoughts and limbs both intertwined,
my satisfaction no mere taunt.

His life before? It hardly counts,
his other loves too brief to flaunt.
What matters now is how I shine
beneath his tongue, so deftly kind.
Eradicating every doubt,
my husband has

made me forget those bills that mount,
and filled our bed with breathy shouts,
abundant lust that makes these lines
my testament to barest times.
So sad to hear your husband won't--
my husband has.

Allison Joseph

BIO: Allison Joseph is the Rondeau Mistress of the Rondeau Roundup. She teaches at SIU in Carbondale, Illinois,  and also runs the writers' list-serve CRWROPPS.

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