Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Guidelines: A Trio of Triolets Contest

Sponsored by the Rondeau Roundup

This contest is a contest for the triolet form of poetry.

A triolet is a poetic form with a set rhyme scheme and two refrains, indicated here by A and B:

A          I marched to set my spirit free--
B          took to the streets with old and young.
a          I marched to gain my liberty.
A          I marched to set my spirit free,
a          to shake the wrath of history,
b          to sing what needed to be sung.
A          I marched to set my sprit free,
B          took to the streets with old and young.     
                        Allison Joseph

More information about triolets can be found at this link:

This contest, sponsored by the Rondeau Roundup blog, will honor the best
group of 3 triolets  submitted between September 15 and November 1, 2017.

Entry to the contest is free. 
Each entry should be three triolets.
One entry of three triolets per entrant.
To participate, send one entry only to
from September 15 through November 1, 2017

The best group of 3—the best “trio,” if you will—will be awarded $50 and publication on the Rondeau Roundup Blog.  Other entries may be selected for lesser cash awards and/or publication.


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  2. Are previously published triolets allowed?

  3. Same comment as Maryann - are previous publications allowed? Additionally - is there any requirement for the three triolets to relate to each other in any way?

  4. Maryann and Michael asked good questions, and I’m wondering myself, especially about the triolets relating to each other.

  5. yes, previously published triolets are allowed, as long as the copyright has returned to you