Monday, March 18, 2013

Rondeau Contest Winner: Spring 2013 edition

Here's another winning rondeau from the SIU English Dept's "Forms of Poetry" class:

Night of Wonder

I take a breath of the night air
in a night gown, in a chair.
Beneath me, the dog lies still.
The heat lasts as long as it wills.
Soaking up sounds; just to be there.

I wonder if he has his feet bare
under the stars and has mussed hair.
Or looking out by the window sill.
I take a breath.

Dreamily the grin’s there, but where
is his mind? I don’t know with care.
Is it with flowers on the hill?
Is it here with me and the thrill?
I shall not ever ask or dare.
I just take a breath…

Alyx Morgan

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